Project Categories

Welcome to Kaamyab Pakistan

The core strategy of Center for Strategic Economic Development (Kaamyab Pakistan) is to develop an approach that solves the problems while generating large number of jobs and growing small industries in Pakistan.

We have seen the failure of all current global economic policies as they rely on the concentration of wealth and large projects that appear good on the surface, without delivering the fruits of effort to the masses. Although there are large funds available for developing countries but they are handicapped by the ability to efficiently use any funding because of:

  • Lack of problem identification and definition
  • Lack of a clear strategy to deal with the problem and a subjective approach in place of a quantitative approach
  • Lack of technology solutions that match the local environment and resources
  • Lack of local research and development efforts and funding
  • Lack of financial framework for funding or implementation of technology solutions
  • Lack of expertise for handholding during the implementation process, there are no helpline
  • Lack of legal framework that will provide an orderly implementation where interests of all parties are protected including intellectual property
  • Lack of a grass root projects that will absorb the tremendous funds available and take them through the shortest possible path to the masses. Instead only large projects get funded giving rise to opportunities for corruption, anti environment practices, crowded cities, few city jobs and monopolies that resist innovation.

Kaamyab Pakistan believed that true progress in Pakistan can only be achieved by getting involved and participating in the development process. Our goal is to create mass awareness of Locally Viable Technology Solutions and combine it with the right mix of Money, People, Process and Policy and get people to participate in their own progress and empower them to shape their destiny through technology at the grass root projects.

Project Strategy

  • A core problem like clean drinking water is taken up by Kaamyab Pakistan Think Tank and viable alternatives are explored with a strategy.
  • Core strategy is to develop an approach that solves the problem, generates large number of jobs, grows cottage industry, opportunities for high investment high tech export oriented industries and summary deliver lower costs, more consumers, more jobs and environment friendly solutions that are local.
  • Project Sponsors create the funding arrangements to enable the initial work needed to create a proof of concept and the necessary frameworks and processes.
  • Concepts of value engineering are applied to develop a technical solution or several solutions through Volunteer Technical Teams.
  • The Volunteer Business Team develops business plan, feasibility, financial framework, legal framework to solve the problem and bring a solution.
  • Volunteer Marketing Team creates the marketing framework, supply chain framework and local as well as export potential and the process framework.
  • Channels For Progress Team create mass awareness of the project, bring stakeholders together and holds a debate that nurtures the healthy exchange of ideas.
  • Volunteers for Progress comprising Field Coordinators and a network of NGOs help the people reap the benefits of the project and ensure that the results reach the final mile.
  • Funding Organizations including Global Organizations, Banks, Islamic banks, Installment Companies, Microfinance banks. Trusts, Foundations, NGOs and Donors extend the benefits to a large population base.

Strategic Economic Areas

  • Legar Framework
  • Business Process
  • Financial Industry
  • Media
  • Information Technology
  • Bio Technology

  • Tourism
  • Construction Technology
  • Electronics
  • Media Technology
  • Media Herbal
  • Chemical Technology

  • Food Technology
  • Garments
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Agriculture

Kaamyab Pakistan has developed a comprehensive Strategy for each project conceptualization, proof of concept and then deployment in the target segment. This detailed approach allows us to execute to perfection. Kaamyab Pakistan website will contain the infrastructure to monitor and control all areas of operation as well maintaining a transparent operation for all stakeholders.