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Olive Orchard

Problem Statement:

Fruit Trees are recurring producers food and once they year on year without replanting. The roots go deep and they find their own nutrition and water without any help. Thus trees are a very economical source for agro. They are also more suited to drip irrigation. Thus they are low on resource usage of seeds, fertilizer and water..


Database & Forum.


Creating a database of trees that produce food of value is important including Fruits, Olive, Nuts, etc for food or animal feed purposes can create new opportunities. These trees should be explored or developed and information should be disseminated through mass awareness campaigns. Planting a combination of crops with a portion given to trees can provide a good strategy for land utilization. .

People Impact:

Trees will create more jobs as smaller area will be required for the same yield..

Financial Impact:

As they are cost effective, Trees will put more money in the pockets of farmers and make lower cost food available to the general public thus having significant financial impact. Trees also prevent soil erosion and provide other resources like sugars, gum, wood and promote birds and other useful animals..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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