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Planting for Wood

Problem Statement:

Pakistan has a very small fraction of land dedicated to forests and that is a major reason for desertification and climate control problems. This is also the reason for shortage of wood as a building material. .


Financial Plans.


Bamboo is a very fast growing tree and Moso bamboo grows 2 ft a day for a moth or so. If it is planted on a large scale and then the associated technologies are developed , then it could become a good low cost construction material like in most of the far eastern countries. Also it grows from roots and multiplies fast. The project is to do an economic feasibility of bamboo planting and using it as a renewable construction source by coupling it with mechanical designs. .

People Impact:

Planting fast growing bamboo trees will help the construction crisis in Pakistan and help provide renewable low cost material that replenishes fast. It can create a large number of jobs in people planting bamboo near their crops and provide income ay=augmentation. It will change the ecology as well as provide agro products will create large job opportunities will little investment..

Financial Impact:

A project with multiple yields and low on natural resources will provide high earnings in the near short term..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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