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Problem Statement:

There is a lack of awareness of business sense and corporate culture that prevails in the rest of the world. .




Creation of a set of business plans that can be used by entrepreneurs to start new businesses on a solid footing. The business plan should also be converted into a strong Visual course that communicates in easy language the entire business plan in plain terms so that it can be executed by people without formal education, without an information overload will help create a mass campaign for running a business. This awareness will be used to organize micro and small business at all levels and in all sectors of the industry. Creating a plan will enable training a large number of people in effectively utilizing their finances and or borrowed resources without committing known mistakes. The library of plans will go a long way in reducing business risk and cultivating a micro and small business culture..

People Impact:

The course should be taught via a TV channel to the masses so that a large number of people can come forward and use business awareness to promote themselves and create a solid foundation for the future..

Financial Impact:

This will raise the income potential of households and contribute to the Pakistani economy in a substantial way..

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