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Problem Statement:

In most countries 70 to 90% of jobs are created in the micro and small business sector. There is no organized effort to nurture and manage this resource in order to create mass employment or job creation..




Even the amount of funds available in Pakistan are 300 to 400 billion rupess annually. If 100,000 rupees can create one person working gainfully thus supporting a family of 5, 100 billion can put 1 million people or 5 million overall family members. 400 Billion annually can impact 20 million people annually. In 6 years we can turn Pakistan around. Thus the idea is to create a think tank on Microfinance and work on understanding and promoting the Microfinance for everyone to develop Pakistan and create massive wok opportunities. the Visual segment will bring the stakeholders together to create a long term roadmap and mobilize volunteers to deliver the promise to people using the resources that already exist today in addition to donors, local and international..

People Impact:

Putting the framework and roadmap together will create millions of jobs within 5 years and turn Pakistan around.

Financial Impact:

This has the potential of doubling Pakistan's GDP every 10 years ..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


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