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Minute Precooked Microwavable Food

Problem Statement:

Pakistan does not have a robust food processing and food preservation industry. This is the area that is suitable for micro and small level business. It also has very low capital requirements, but, the key is to learn from international market and bring in international standards in order to establish it on solid foundations..




Precooked microwaveable foods are a convenience item. There is a market for prepackaged rice, pilaf of various types and other rice and cooking variations have a big market abroad specially if they are made as low calorie tasty options. The idea is to set a think tank that does market research to establish the current landscape and then creates a potential for Pakistani local and export potential. The export potential is for the sub continent region as well expats from this region. With careful packaging the product can also be introduced to other cultures as people the world over enjoy products from other places. The core emphasis is to look at it from a product perspective and create international style, packaging, quality and pricing. The visual course will also look at how the products are developed, targeted and marketed, It will also look into the supply chain structures and how they can be leveraged to move Pakistani products..

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