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Cooperative Law

Problem Statement:

Pakistan does not have a legal framework that is conducive to business. The countries that have created viable frameworks for business growth have prospered and we need to do the same with the help of the legal community.




Most businesses in Pakistan fail because there is no solid workable framework for working in a cooperative environment. Creation of a legal cooperative framework will allow micro and small businesses in a manner where cooperatives bring mutual benefits and they not used as a lever for swindling money out of people. The idea is to create a legal group that specializes in cooperative business and promotes it to spur business growth work with the government and other stakeholders to bring a system that will benefit everyone and Pakistan as a whole..

People Impact:

A solid legal framework will need a larger number of lawyers to work in the commercial sector and it will create more opportunities for them as well create a framework that is business friendly..

Financial Impact:

This will help the overall health of the economy by spurring business growth..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


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Export Market in Rs:


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