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The Art of Exhibition

Problem Statement:

Effective media creation of any type draws attention and as people are brought to the media, people pay in terms of the content itself or the associated advertising. There is revenue opportunities in the media that have harvested in Pakistan..


Database & Forum.


Exhibitions provide focus on an area of society, environment or business. Creating Exhibitions is big business and it also mobilizes business. The idea is to create a visual course in the art of creating Exhibitions that would spur business and entertainment in a positive way. This will also attempt to create a database of Exhibitions and promotion to artfully provide entertainment to the masses. Virtual Exhibitions will also be explored to provide both angles of the presentation business..

People Impact:

The right roadmap can create a number of opportunities for people interested in the media..

Financial Impact:

It can create local as well as global opportunities for revenue generation..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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