Project Categories


We are looking for sponsors who can provide funding for the project or program of their choice and conviction. Kaamyab Pakistan will work with ordinary citizens from the bottom up. This will require a lot of hard labor as well as generous contributions from individuals, trusts, foundations, corporations, NGOs or Governmental Organizations.

They will provide the funding for various areas depending upon their preference.

Sponsors will also contribute with active supervision so that they transparently see the use of their money and do their duty within a user friendly framework.

Strategic Sponsorship will be for Proof of Concept for various technology initiatives that will generate the core technology for deployment to benefit the Pakistani people. The Sponsors will remain involved in the area of their choice and conviction with the team members

Project Sponsorships are for key physical implementation sponsorships for later deployment of the technology developed by the proof of concept teams. Sponsors may chose a project of their choice and liking in the geographic area of their choice.

Sponsors may be organizations or NGOs who may like to work with Kaamyab Pakistan to develop a concept they like with coordinated resources.

Sponsors who have land or other resources that they would like to use for a charitable cause can partner with Kaamyab Pakistan to develop the charitable cause with the help of other sponsors.

The core idea is to create Jobs and get people employment that will allow them to lead a respectable life.