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Research from Pakistani Agro Universities & Institutions

Problem Statement:

It is important to bring all the talent working on agro to one network where they are able to exchange ideas and work in a coordinated manner..


Database & Forum.


The core idea is to create a database of all the Agricultural universities and research organizations and individuals and then coordinating idea development as well as idea sharing for mass awareness. Such a network will get ideas quickly to the farmers who need them in time to be beneficial. It will also generate a mechanism for the inventors to benefit from their hard work..

People Impact:

Collecting agrotech ideas and spreading them will have a big impact in creating productivity and enabling farmers to help themselves..

Financial Impact:

This will create a big financial impact in terms of enabling the agro population and making them more financially independent..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


Recent Responses

Ⅰf уօս Ԁο not wаnt to mɑқᥱ tһiѕ lіttle іnvᥱѕtmеnt tɦᥱn yοս ceгtaіnlү oսgҺt tⲟ Ье ѡіⅼⅼing tо paү а ѕіցnificant аmоunt fߋг AᏟ rᥱρаіr, ѡhеn ѕᥙmmᥱr aггiνeѕ. Instгսсtіοns οuցɦt tⲟ Ье іncⅼսԁᥱԁ, mақе ѕuгᥱ уоս fⅼսѕh cⲟіⅼ cⅼᥱаn and let it aіr ⅾrʏ. Ⅰn ߋrԁeг tо Һɑve ɑn АC tօ run Ьⲟtɦ еffeϲtively ɑnd еffiсіеntⅼʏ rеցսlаг сlеaning аnd maintеnancе ог seгviсing iѕ rеգսіreԀ.

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