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Turkey farming

Problem Statement:

Turkey is a large bird that provides eggs, meat and decorative feathers. It has similar growth needs as poultry and it provide lean low fat protein. In Pakistan and countries around Pakistan there is a big meat shortage that should be filled in by Pakistan by promoting turkey farming in conjunction with crops to supplement the income..


Knowledge Transfer.


Turkey farming if it is done by farmers who have crops as well could benefit from growing Turkey feed with interval crops in between the regular crops and thus create Turkey meat at the lowest possible cost and thereby create supply that will not only bring local costs down but allow Pakistan to be a meat exporting country. The idea is to do an economic analysis and come with ways of promoting Turkey farming. Turkey farming will provide a good source of meat, eggs, feathers and manure with biogas thus providing multiple benefits..

People Impact:

Turkey farming could be used by all farming families thus the impact is on 70% of Pakistan's population..

Financial Impact:

Income augmentation with Turkey farming could enhance the incomes by 30% or more for farmers thus increasing their incomes substantially..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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