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Water Conservation & Usage Roadmap

Problem Statement:

In Pakistan most of the population does not have access to clean drinking water or for domestic consumption. Even in places where it is available, the quality of water is questionable. Billions have been spent on filter plants with minimal change..


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Most of the water consumed domestically is for cooking, shower, washing clothes or utensils , toilets, cleaning. If aerated taps are deployed the amount of water consumed can be cut into half. This allow cost approach can save water and make more water available to others. Similarly for agro, drip and managed irrigation can cut the water consumption into half. A knowledge base of techniques to cut water usage and then spreading that mass awareness will be a cost effective way of dealing with the water shortage problem..

People Impact:

Saving up to 50% water can create room for 50% more people for domestic use and similar numbers for agro use. Also local storage of water with small reservoirs can pave the way for new agro activities. This will be the most cost effective way of managing water..

Financial Impact:

This will be the most cost effective way of managing water and it will be achievable in the short term while a long term plan is figured out and executed..

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