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Engine Modification to run on Ethanol

Problem Statement:

Energy is the number one problem of Pakistan and solving this problem in a cost effective manner is a big opportunity..




The project is to create a group that would apply themselves to come up with engine modification and testing for use of edible oils that are currently found to drive diesel engines with modified biodiesel. Creation of the small setup to make biodiesel can help people use things like diesel generator, tractor and tube well in the rural context. The idea is to create engine modifications that will allow people to switch to a renewable energy source biodiesel at a reasonable cost so people can run their tractors and tube wells from local resources at a low cost without burning expensive diesel. The forum will encourage and generate funding for this work to quickly get to a local industry that can resolve the energy problem in the next five years and reduce dependence on foreign oil and gas that is expensive and takes precious foreign exchange..

People Impact:

Any new industry based off the concepts of local design an materials will be cost effective and it will generate jobs for young entrepreneurs..

Financial Impact:

This will create financial opportunity for the manufacturers and also help provide low cost energy to people in a distributed local way that they can maintain themselves..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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