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Liver Health

Problem Statement:

Pakistan offers a unique situation where allopathic, hikmat and homeopathic are practiced. There is such a big gap in help provision that it can use basic research in herbal medicine to create the foundational research and then use that for herbal supplements and their export. .




A large number of diseases have poor blood flow as the core reason. This includes memory loss, are caused because of liver malfunction including jaundice, indigestion, cholesterol, hepatitis, etc. . A herbal formulation that improves liver function has the potential of becoming a daily supplement for a large number of people above 40. The idea is to encourage people to develop formulations and then use a standard research study template to test the validity of the effectiveness of the supplement. With proper backup data and solid evidence, the herbal supplement can create a big market..

People Impact:

This is a huge global market and it offers substantial incentives to capture and create jobs in the area..

Financial Impact:

Herbal is a huge global market that is $ 8 B in size. If we can capture just part of the market it would be a big opportunity to create jobs..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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