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Problem Statement:

IT is an area with large employment opportunities but Pakistan has not been able to capitalize on that. Compared to India that creates 300,000 IT staff each year we hardly create 5000. The opportunity is to train large IT group each year and cater to the international, regional and local marketplace..




Bloggers create value by creating content and that generates value by creating a knowledge base. They also generate money by advertising revenue. Blogs with international quality bring all sorts of international traffic with huge revenue potential. It can absorb thousands of IT professional each year. The idea is to create a top notch training program online and train a large group every 3 months. The groups can be engaged in projects that create business value and generate money on their own..

People Impact:

Train 1000 from all walks of life even without formal IT training. These would be people from sciences, journalism, mass communication and any other areas . Creating world class blogs with real vale will create job opportunities. Technical blogs are the ones where we could create real value..

Financial Impact:

With a large number of ongoing projects and jobs, we could become a center for Blogging Ad Revenue work from abroad and generate foreign exchange. Also blogging jobs can be created for all types of public relations jobs..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


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