Project Categories


A mostly volunteer team of talented individuals who are committed to the economic development of Pakistan will contribute to each of the Kaamyab Pakistan project. Kaamyab Pakistan will build the processes, infrastructure to make this collaboration possible for the execution of each project. Thus each project can get the true attention it deserves.

Kaamyab Pakistan will provide the volunteers with the appropriate designations and responsibilities and recognize their contribution at significant milestones in their projects. Association with Kaamyab Pakistan Projects will add significant experience to their resume or portfolio in addition to the value that they will add t the lives of thousands or millions of people and the satisfaction of playing their role in progress.

Business Process:

Business team will consist of the following volunteer team members who will contribute in their area of expertise and ensure that business feasibility of projects is done to create the right financing and management options for the projects and products.

  • Business Plan
  • Legal Expertise
  • Legilation Thinktank
  • Finance
  • Business Analyst

  • Business Plan Developer
  • Business Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Legal Framework Analyst
  • Contract Specialist

  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Legislative Advocate
  • Legal Advisor

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Technology team will consist of the following volunteer team members who will contribute in their area of expertise and ensure that core technology problems are resolved and several technology solutions are developed.

  • Project Coordinator
  • Technical Research Analyst
  • Product Developer
  • Product Integrator

  • Product Packaging Specialist
  • Quality & Safety Specialist
  • Product Technician
  • Field Implementer
  • Manufacturing Specialist
  • Technical Entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturing Partners

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Marketing team will consist of the following volunteer team members who will contribute in their area of expertise and ensure that product Marketability is made viable through a local and export development model that is grass root and community based options for the projects and products.

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Branding Specialist
  • Marketing Plan Developer
  • Marketing Advisor

  • Advertising Analyst
  • Import/Export Specialist
  • Export Country Specialist
  • Country Export Coordinator

  • Export Champion
  • Marketing Entrepreneurs


Media team will create Channels for Progress working with all the other teams to create mass communication & awareness, mass transfer technology, mass education and provide a forum for all stakeholders to collaborate and deliver for the greater good of the society:

  • Program producer
  • Program Director
  • Content Writer

  • Program Coordinator
  • Production Engineers
  • Multimedia Developers

  • Investigative Journalists
  • Program Anchors
  • Advertising Executive

Field Coordinator

  • NGOs
  • Entrepreneur
  • Volunteers for progress

Field Coordinators team will create will provide the feet in the street by actually taking the benefits of the Kaamyab Pakistan projects to the core beneficiaries i.e. the people of Pakistan. The Field Coordinators need to have the necessary skills and resources to provide the services to the people in an area that comprise the Entrepreneurs and Beneficiaries. Partner NGOs will be a big part of the Field Network. Volunteers for Progress will operate at several levels that include:

  • Country Coordinator
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Division Coordinator

  • District Coordinator
  • Area Coordinator

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